Minerals - BAUXITE

Caravan Resources Private Limited, a marketing company. We offer below specification of bauxite from our mine:

Commodity Bauxite in Bulk (Metallurgic Grade)
Origin India
AL2O3 45% Min
SIO2 6% Max
Free Moisture 10% Max
Size 0mm-100mm>95%
Loading Port One Safe Port at West Coast of India
Loading Rate 10000MT PWWDSHINC

We export from Okha / Porbandar port, Gujarat loaded through Floating Cranes through Anchorage Point. The distance between our mine and the port is approximately 75 KM. We always keep a cargo of 100,000 MT in the port area. We have got excellent infrastructure base to transfer bauxite from mine to the plot area in the loading port Okha, Gujarat.

Further, we also have excellent infrastructure and logistic base for movement of cargo from berth to anchorage point through barges.


Commodity Bauxite in Bulk (Metallurgic Grade)
AL2O3 80% MIN – 81% MAX.
FE2O3 4.0% MIN – 4.8% MAX.
SIO2 5.0% MIN – 6.0% MAX.
TIO2 3.5% MIN - 4.5% MAX.
CAO 1.8% MIN - 2.8% MAX.
LOI 0.4% MAX.


Coal is categorized into four formats; Thermal Coal for Power generation, Coking Coal for Steel making, Anthracite Coal mainly used for Steel making and Ferro Alloys making and PCI Coal (Pulverized Coal Injection) again for Steel making.

Out of Coking Coal, Metcoke is manufactured which is used for Steel making in blast furnace. We will start trading this over a period of time step by step.

With our excellent background of sourcing and marketing of Coal, we plan to market Thermal Coal, Coking Coal, Low Ash, Metcoke and Petcoke. For thermal Coal, Coking Coal and Low Ash Metcoke, we will find out source and market. We also plan to tie up with a large Coking Coal Mine in USA for regular supplies to India.