Ferro Alloys


Ferro Alloys are used in steelmaking which consists of less than one Percent of the total raw material required for steel production. Despite of being a very low constituent, Ferro Alloys are vital additives for steelmaking.

The principal function of ferroalloy addition is that it increases the resistance of steel to corrosion and oxidation, improves its hardenability, tensile strength at high temperatures, wear and abrasion resistance and increases its other properties like creep strength etc. Ferro Alloys are generally used to impart engineering properties to steel. Ferro Alloys are vital input for producing all type of steel and are used as raw material in the production of special steels, alloy steels and stainless steel.

Most of our Ferro Alloy production is exported to a highly diversified market covering Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean countries, Far East Asia, The Americas and Africa.


Chemical Parameter Min Max
Manganese 76% 82%
Carbon - 1.50%
Silicon - 1.50%
Phosphorous - 0.30%
Sulphur - 0.05%


Parameter Min Max
Silicon 70% 75%
Carbon - 1.50%
Phosphorous - 0.05%
Sulphur - 0.05%


Parameter Min Max
Chrome 50% 55%
Silicon - 4.0%
Carbon - 8.0%
Phosphorous - 0.03%
Sulphur - 0.04%